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Monday, April 9, 2018

Listening to God

God speaks to us in many ways. I find the pictures with water often help create a stillness in me and that allows me to hear God. I also think God speaks to me through others and through events and circumstances. Today, the Pope is releasing a new exhortation on holiness. I am looking forward to hearing it. I suspect God is going to speak to me in the words of the Pope. 

I am also thanking God for the gift of imagination. Mine is a very active one and I am grateful for it, but sometimes wish I could curb it but lately I have come to really value this gift.
God uses our imaginations to speak to us, too. 

How does God speak to you? When is it easiest to listen to God?
Sometimes I think I am like the disciples who Jesus approached as they were walking away from Jerusalem. They did not recognize Jesus even as he walked with them. It was only in the breaking of the bread at their simple Sunday night supper that they realized that Jesus was with them and had been with them explaining the Scriptures. How grateful they must have been for not only inviting him to stay with them, but urging him as the day was far spent!

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