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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Some sharing today

Before I share some more from Pope Francis, I want to share a bit from my own life. On Thursday, we had an outing that was really special. We went whale-watching in a boat that set out from Santa Cruz. We first saw lots of sea lions probably of several generations but the young ones were frolicking in the Pacific and then trying to climb back to the marker where the older ones lay in the sun. Next, I saw a huge animal that must have been a whale or a dolphin but did not see it again so think it was a whale. Later we did see a humpback whale and the boat turned to follow it. We really did not see any more, but the ride through the waves was quite thrilling as I kept imagining how Philippine must have felt. It was a real Rebecca moment for me.
Next, I want to share my delight in learning that we now have an international Dream- Catcher Team and they are going to help us prepare for the next Chapter. I think this is marvelous as I am convinced that the imagination does help us and we need to be creative about the future.
Now, for at least something to reflect on from the Pope's Exhortation:
That mission has its fullest meaning in Christ, and can only be understood through him. At its core, holiness is experiencing, in union with Christ, the mysteries of his life. It consists in uniting ourselves to the Lord’s death and resurrection in a unique and personal way, constantly dying and rising anew with him. But it can also entail reproducing in our own lives various aspects of Jesus’ earthly life: his hidden life, his life in community, his closeness to the outcast, his poverty and other ways in which he showed his self-sacrificing love. The contemplation of these mysteries, as Saint Ignatius of Loyola pointed out, leads us to incarnate them in our choices and attitudes.[18] Because “everything in Jesus’ life was a sign of his mystery”,[19] Christ’s whole life is a revelation of the Father”,[20] “Christ’s whole life is a mystery of redemption”,[21] “Christ’s whole life is a mystery of recapitulation”.[22] “Christ enables us to live in him all that he himself lived, and he lives it in us”

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