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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Feast of the Angels

Today is the feast of the Angels and that includes our guardian angels who watch over us. I have great devotion to my guardian angel and know that some are very aware of the presence of their angel from an early age. I suspect that parents must be fond of praying to the angels of their children to keep them from harm.

Since this is the week we celebrate St. Francis of Assisi, I thought I would give a few thoughts taken from the Yale Divinity School's Spring issue of Reflections. The theme of the issue is God's Green Earth: Creation, Faith, Crisis.

The first article, Daring to Dream: Relgion and the Future of Earth is by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim. I know Sister Mary Evelyn because she had been at St. Thomas University recently and because she also came to the national assembly of the Society of the Sacred Heart in July, 2007. She and John Grim, founders of the Forum of Religion and Ecology, are both now at Yale.

Their article begins by telling us that our period is considered to be the sixth major extinction in Earth's 4.7 billion-year history! What is shocking is that this time it is we humans causing the mass extinction. "No such mass extinction occurred since the dinosaurs were eliminated 65 million years ago by an asteroid." We are destroying ecosystems and are not really aware of the consequences.
Are we able to dream? We must have a vision; we need to have values that lead us to transformative action. What am I doing? What will I do?

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