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Monday, October 29, 2007

Reflections from "Easter Mysteries"

A friend lent me "The Easter Mysteries" by Beatrice Bruteau. It is now out of print. I have jotted a few things to reflect on today and will share them with you. She says:
"there is no feast of God the Father. Isn't that strange? So perhaps we may regard Holy Saturday, the day of Sacred Nothingness, as commemoration of God the Father..."

She also says that "absolute, transcendental bliss is not dependent on anything but existence itself and consciousness itself. It is the fundamental and unconditional affectivity that rejoices in God's unconditional being and love. It is always here; we ourselves are it. When we hold still enough, are silent enough, keep Sabbath enough, we become aware of it."

How should we spend the Sabbath? Bruteau says that we should spend a significant portion of it doing nothing. "Do it outdoors, if possible. Be in the natural scene... Listen to the quiet. Let the mind fall silent. God's Sabbath is being kept in you." After a while, you will notice three things: 1)a sense of deep satisfaction, contentment; 2) an upsurge of confidence, a bright, warm feeling of sureness and competence. It is an awareness of the power of God as our own life; 3) a feeling of God's potency radiating from us. "It is letting God happen through me."

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