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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some Good Suggestions

Here are a few good suggestions that will help introduce more peace and quietness into our busy lives. They are taken from an out-of-print book called Easter Mysteries by Beatrice Bruteau.
Turn off the TV and, I would add, all other noisy electronics such as radio, cell phones, other equipment that keeps our lives filled with noise. Then listen to the silence.
Slow down. Do fewer things; do them without rushing and savor them more.
Sit in silence. Notice the non-doing. Enjoy it.
Relax the body. Take a deep breath. Let go!
Do not use angry words. Praise and thank others. You will be forced to look for the good in everything. (I think cultivating an attitude of gratitude is a great way to find not only peace but joy!)
Now, for a direct quote:"When something upsets you, take refuge in Jesus immediately. Do not avoid him because you feel ashamed. He will not make you feel worse, but better. So don't postpone going to prayer."

Have a good Saturday. Relax and enjoy life!

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