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Friday, April 4, 2008

At Sea With God

I received Margaret Silf's latest book, At Sea With God last night and found myself reflecting on what it means to be At Sea with God. She asks us to think of what kind of a boat we are?
I do not know how to sail, but I am sure that I must be a sailboat. I depend on the wind of the Holy Spirit to carry me across the water. Really, I have not had time to read much, but here are the Chapter Headings:
The Boat; The Cargo and the Crew; Setting Sail; Navigating the High Seas; Perils of the Deep; Going Nowhere; and Dropping Anchor--Moving On. You could almost use your own imagination to fill in the Chapters! I did turn to the back (always consult the bibliography) and noticed the last sentences of the book. I liked them enough to quote them here: When we are ready to voyage beyond the horizon, it won't matter any more that the boat falls apart. We will have learned to trust the immensity of the ocean of God's love.
I am adding the book to the list I keep on the right side of this blog.

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