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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Peaceful Scene

Sometimes I just want to reflect without words on a picture. Looking at the lake amid the mountains gives me a sense of peace. I am feeling disorganized today and yet know that I need to get many things done but I want to do them in peace. We hurry too much and Easter season is a call to slow down and walk with Jesus.
On another note, can you believe that John Paul II died on this day in 2005? It does not seem that long, but much has happened in the past three years. I am beginning to reflect back on the past academic year as I sent in my grades and, after the Online Program graduation ceremony on Monday, will be concentrating on the new course for September.
There is always much to thank for and I am going to make a division in my Journal for "Gratitude" and try to thank for something everyday. A grateful person is a joyful person! Try it!

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