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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

This is not the picture I was looking for but it still is one that can evoke memories of my Dad. My Dad taught me to swim. We loved the water and he bought a lake lot when I was a child and I used to go spend Sunday at the lake with him. It was during the second world war so he was trying to sell the lake lots to earn some extra money. We would go to early Mass and then take off for the lake until evening. Sometimes my mother and siblings came, too, but my sister was still too young to be alone all day and my brothers were just babies so it was hard for my mother to be there all day except when we were using a friend's home. We just had a lot and a dock, but the lake was beautiful and my Dad did not worry about me. I would come back for a picnic lunch with him. I guess what brought all this to mind was that I usually had my Dad to myself on those Sundays and I loved that. I also had my Dad just to myself on long rides to and from school when we lived in the county and I went to the Academy of the Visitation. My Dad was special and I am grateful for both of my parents. My life has been marked by their love.

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mary camilleri said...

And God expresses His fatherly love by calming the sea for us, though He obviously rejoices in its wildness too