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Monday, June 22, 2009

New Spiritual Books for Summer Reading

I am adding more books to my list of spiritual books. I have wanted to do this for some weeks so have several to add and think there will be spiritual nourishment for my readers with a good selection of some delightful books.
First, I added two books about St. Paul as we are coming to the close of the year especially dedicated to Paul. I really enjoyed both. I may have mentioned Cardinal Carlos Martini's The Gospel According to St. Paul: Meditations on His Life and Letters. The first part treats of Paul's Conversion; the Passion of Paul; and Paul's Transfiguration. The Chapter on Paul's Transfiguration kept me going back to it in prayer and I seem to have mentioned the attitudes and the modes of action that Martini attributes to Paul. The second part of the book is Apostle by Vocation and I liked the chapter on Love for the Community especially.
I also read Benidict XVI's book on St. Paul and enjoyed it, too. It is really the talks he gave at the General Audience each week from July 2, 2008 to February 4, 2009. It is very readable and informative.

I also have enjoyed another book that I mentioned before by David L. Fleming, S.J. What Is Ignatian Spirituality? published by Loyola Press, 2008. It is a good introduction to Ignatian Spirituality and I have selected it as a book for the International Online Certificate Program in Spirituality Studies. The September course begins with St. Ignatius and Ignatian Spirituality and this is a simple book that highlights the aspects of Ignatian Spirituality. Dave taught me in the Institute for Religious Formation (the IRF) many years ago and was an excellent teacher; we have remained in touch through the years and I enjoyed reading his latest book very much.

I will be introducing you to still more books in the days to come.

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