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Friday, June 19, 2009

Feast of the Sacred Heart

I like Jesus holding the lamb and it says more to me about his Sacred Heart than the pictures I find on Google. Unfortunately I have not been able to scan my picture of the statue of the Sacred Heart at Kenwood into the computer, but I have hopes still to do this in the future.
I just added this picture of Sophie as she was being moved to St. Francis Xavier church in Paris and is outside the chasse. I think it is an incredible picture and one that maybe we should have printed. I know that I found Sophie so real when I prayed by her intact body years ago; she just invited conversation with her.

Happy Feast! We are united with the Religious of the Sacred Heart and our Associates all over the world today. The Miami area Religious will renew our vows at a liturgy and then have dinner together.
I entered for this Feast 59 years ago and remember so vividly arriving and being taken to the Chapel for a short visit with Jesus on the way to the "West Wing" where the novices lived. God is so faithful!

3 comments: said...

Happy Feast,Helen. The Boston area RSCJ and Associates will gather at 860 for Litugy and renewal of vows and commitments followed by supper.It is such a sens of unity to know this is happening all over the world today.
Love and peace,

Smiley :) said...

Happy Feast Day!

Helen said...

Cathy it is a wonderful new sense of something happening that Sophie had wanted from the beginning - we are united with our associates and all our collaborators all over the world.
Love and prayer, Helen