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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Empty Boat

I had this picture filed under "empty boats" and it made me think of an empty boat at sea and this is the thought that I culled from a spiritual writer a long time ago: If an empty boat bumps into your boat, you think nothing of it and just push it away. However, if the boat has someone in it and hits your boat you get angry. I think the idea was that we should all be like empty boats, not full of ourselves, and we would get along with others in spite of the daily bumps.
I suspect that I am thinking of this as someone hit the right fender of my car this morning. I saw the person coming and came to a complete stop and she ran right into me. I jumped out to see what damage was caused, but it only scraped the paint and my car is eleven years old and the paint is peeling from the sun so it is no big deal. The woman, probably in her eighties, told me that she was so sorry but it was a day that she was in a hurry and she did not offer to do anything about the scraped paint. I was so surprised to have her bump me like that and so just got back into the car and drove home. I do not know her name but she was at water exercise- I guess I will pretend it was an empty boat that bumped me and just forget it.

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