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Friday, July 23, 2010

Stormy Weather

Today we are having a tropical storm and the paper advised staying home, if possible. It is rainy and the winds are supposed to increase and some areas will be flooded. I love a rainy day when I can stay home. I have prepared dinner for my community and washed sheets and now feel able to sit and enjoy being home. It is quite dark out and so I am sure the spiritual direction appointment will be postponed and I will have the afternoon to read. I have been looking at the little I can find on Mother Lucille Mathevon who arrived in America in 1822, just four years after Philippine Duchesne. Lucille was born in 1813 and was a pupil at Sainte Marie and entered. I think Josephine Bigeu had taken charge of the noviceship but St. Madeleine Sophie had been directing the novices for some months and Lucille may have had her. I need to do a great deal of research as I want to write her life. She was the first superior at St. Charles when it reopened in 1828 and she also was Philippine Duchesne's superior when the foundation was made in Sugar Creek to be with the Indians. Philippine had to return in 1872 but Lucille stayed and went with the Indians when they had to move west again to St. Marys. She built a two-story convent known as the skyscraper of the praries. She died and is buried out there.

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