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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holiday Time - 4th of July and beyond

Happy 4th of July! I am planning to take a vacation from this blog for many reasons. One is that I will be out of town next week attending the spirituality forum in Washington D.C. and I will tell you all about it beginning again July 15th. It is also giving my readers a vacation and I look forward to sharing reflections again on July 15. In the meantime I am going to water exercise several mornings a week and always feel very contemplative while I am doing this and come home so relaxed that I wish everyone could have this opportunity. Paul Farmer is one of the speakers at the Forum so I know I did promise more about him but it will be better to wait until I have met him in person! The Spirituality Forum will have RSCJs and Associates, and many of the teachers from our network schools this year and seems to be very full and interesting speakers every morning and afternoon workshops. More about it when I return!

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