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Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer brings gratitude for water

I am again going to water exercise each day. The hour in the water is different from swimming, but both are quite contemplative and have me reflecting on the gift of water. I feel such gratitude that I have always had access to water, running water, pools, lakes, and even drinking fountains. So many do not have water. When we have a hurricane here in Miami we do lose water for a time and when we get it back it may not be safe to drink for a time, but this is an exception. I remember a long stretch after an earthquake in Chile when there was no water. However, we uncovered a well at the back of our property and the men brought buckets up to the convent to be boiled so we could drink it. We cannot live long without water and yet how often I have taken it for granted and wasted it! Now I am thinking of all those in our world still today who do not have easy access to vital water.

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