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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feast of St. Martha

Today is the feast of St. Martha and I am thinking of her as being a real help to all of us who are struggling with domestic chores. She was the one who served Jesus and gave him hospitality.
I have just received the "Bible in one page" and pass it on as it may be helpful:

My other sharing today is from Mother Margaret Williams, RSCJ. Among her books is The Society of the Sacred Heart: History of a Spirit 1800-1975. I am rereading this as the new history of the Society which has been in the process of being written is still not ready. I think it was begun about 15 years ago by a Sister of another Religious Order who just does not seem to find the time to get it finished! In the meantime, I am reading Mother Williams and enjoying it. Here is a quote I liked this morning from our fourth Mother General, Mother Augusta de Satorius:
"Let us begin by praying. Prayer gives strength and perseverance; it is the mystic bridge thrown over the depths that separate us from God...He is waiting for us, he draws us on, he is ready to give. So drop everything else and be filled with one thought: I am before God. Then be led by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we simply talk to Jesus, sometimes we stay peacefully at his feet, looking at him."

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