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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Take time to smell the flowers...

We rush around so much to see how much we can get done so then we can stop and do nothing! It is better to take each moment and enjoy it. Some seem to question why I am loving retirement as they cannot imagine themselves without a job. The truth is, retirement does not mean that one does less; it only means that one chooses what and when to do things. I seem to be busy every single day and always have things that I should do and others that I want to do, if I get the time to do them. I enjoy the freedom of putting off work without feeling guilty. What does not get done today, may or may not get done tomorrow. I spend more time on relationships, more time in prayer, more time doing things around the house that I was not home to see about before and now I find I enjoy every minute of the day. I do not watch TV (Downton Abbey excepted) and so have more time to read and I enjoy all kinds of reading.

How is Lent going for you? I have been faithful to the gym and to noon Mass, but cannot say I have done much in the way of writing. Please keep praying for that!

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