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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Third Sunday of Lent

The Samaritan woman comes to the well and finds Jesus waiting for her. How often we are just doing some routine, daily chore and find that Jesus is waiting for us. He asks us to give him a drink or whatever it is that He has been waiting to ask us. He wants to enter into a real conversation with us and sometimes we are so busy and concerned with our own interests that we do not even realize that Jesus has been waiting for us; He wants to talk with us!
May we find time for a good conversation with Jesus today. Maybe I am being nudged by Jesus to think about what I told Him I was going to do for Lent and how often I would seek His help to keep my resolutions. He knows all that I have done and not done and just wants me to stop, be still, and sit with Him.
As I read in the reflection for this Sunday: "On this mid-Lent day, we the baptized, the candidates, the catechumens, pray to hear, not the call to discipleship, that will come; but first, grace, not as an offered gift but as a simple request to give him a drink, give him what is most us - our emptiness. For that is all he ever waited for and wanted."

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