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Monday, March 31, 2014

How Great our God Is

I had a wonderful week end in Vero Beach. It was like a mini vacation and certainly I came home renewed in body and soul. I drove up early Saturday morning and had time for an hour of prayer before the marriage ceremony which was so simple and lovely. It was the first time I met the groom but found him super nice and worthy of my dear friend.
After the wedding I went to friends that I used to think of as my sisters' friends but after this week end they are really my friends, too. They could not have been more welcoming and I just had a great time with them. We talked all Saturday afternoon, went out to a special place for dinner and we also had a thunder storm so the ocean was choppy and grey but Sunday morning it was blue and calm and the weather was perfect. After a sumptuous breakfast I left with a delicious lunch packed for me - talk about being spoiled!!! I was going to go to Mass on the way out of Vero Beach and, although a good twenty minutes early, found cars fighting to get into the parking lot. The Holy Spirit inspired me to remember the Church of the Holy Spirit in Lantana so I just kept going, hoping they still had a noon Mass. I arrived there by 11:30 and saw cars leaving the parking lot but others entering. I grabbed a place in the shade and went into the Church where there was a lovely half hour of prayer before the noon Mass. Then I remembered a little park on the waterway where boats also go through to the ocean and so went there to eat my picnic lunch. Home by 3:00 to welcome one of the Provincial Team and then we had an area meeting so it was a lovely day and I am most grateful. It is a joyful Sunday anyway and I was glad to see the pink vestment the priest only wears twice a year: for Gaudete Sunday in Advent and for this Sunday in Lent.
To look at the ocean reminds me of the greatness of God.

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