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Monday, March 24, 2014

Walking with Jesus

Jesus did a great deal of walking. He did not have a car, a bike, a skateboard, or motorcycle; he walked. In Miami I seldom walk except to the car, or around the house, or from a parking lot to the gym or church, etc. Still, I had a spiritual director who advocated having a walking prayer and it has helped me so much. I must confess that I remember to say it more when I am driving in the car so in my case it might be a "driving prayer" but I do like to have an ejaculation that I repeat as I go through the day. It is not always the same and it just seems to come naturally. "Come, Lord Jesus, be with me now;" "Jesus, Jesus, be to me a Jesus"; Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee; Love of the Heart of Jesus, inflame my heart. These are some of the walking-driving prayers I use.
One of the most contemplative moments for me has been making my bed early each morning before I begin the hour of meditation that is sacred time. I met a former student on Thursday, a wonderful preacher and pastor that took a post-master's program in Spirituality back in 1988. He told me that he had just been talking about me as he gets up and prays at 4:30 each morning and says that I inspired him to do this. Well, that made my day to know that he has been so faithful to prayer each morning. The above picture leads me into prayer now and I hope you all are making an effort to spend some time with Jesus each day. He waits for us.

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