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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't Be Fooled on April Fools' Day

Sometimes it is fun to fool and be fooled by others but it can also be carried to an extreme. It is supposed to be good fun and now they even have April Fool Day cards to send. I must confess that I did send one as I enjoyed it myself and thought others might, too.

The Concord Pastor, whose blog I love, is also sharing his Sunday homilies and I have a short excerpt to share with you here:

Except for the very wise among us

 - and some among us are wise indeed -

most of us simply believe what we see

and spend not much time pondering

how we see what we see,    

or what we fail to see,

or what we refuse to see,   

or what we see only because it’s what we want to see.

We tend to trust what we see, the way we see it

and believe what we see, the way we see it to be true.
Well, are you wise enough to ponder how we see what we see or fail to see?
Do I see only what I want to see?

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