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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We are in formation for life...

Do I believe that I am being formed even now after nearly 64 years in the Society of the Sacred Heart? Yes, I do believe this but sometimes I need to stop and think how am I being formed? First of all, I think Jesus is the most active in my formation and much happens in my daily prayer. Then, I live in community and one cannot live with five others and not be aware of how we help form one another. I also give importance in my own life to my reading. I read spiritual books, good ones, and ponder them, but I also read all sorts of books: novels, biographies, mysteries, even regency romance books - and all probably contribute in some way to my own formation as they influence me to some degree; then, I read the Miami newspaper every morning and at least scan every section; we get the New York Times on Sundays and I must confess that usually I only take time for the Magazine and for the Book Reviews. I also read a huge amount on the Internet and I am sure all of this is either helping or perhaps hindering my personal formation. I need to think more about this.

Maybe you also need to reflect on your own formation? Who are the persons in my life now who are helping me to grow spiritually? How does my ministry influence the formation of others?

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