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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

This is a day to just be with Jesus. He has given His life for each of us. What am I doing for Him? What will I do for Him?

There is the Veneration of the Cross followed by a Communion service today. I usually go to the noon service as it is near here and very moving. At the end, since it is a parish with many Hispanics, there is a procession and they carry in a life-size statue of Jesus lying in the tomb. It startled me the first time I went there but now I see how much it means to the parishioners and how they stay and pray at the tomb after the service. They also use a huge, heavy Cross that is carried into the Church by six men in a procession after the first part of the ceremony of readings and prayers; the men hold the cross while all the faithful come up to kiss it with reverence.

For me, today is a day of silence and perhaps some manual work at home. We pray together as a community each of these holy days.
I am asking myself how Jesus wants me to stay with Him these days and begging the grace to be able to do so.

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