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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I guess hearing about the earthquake in Chile brought back so many memories of living through earthquakes and the after quakes and tremors that keep one alert. Fortunately, we heard that our nuns were fine in the north of Chile and this huge earthquake did less damage than would be expected, but it certainly did not help the poor fishermen who lost their boats and thus their livelihood.

To continue with something from the Pope"s Joy of the Gospel:

If anyone feels offended by my words, I would respond that I speak them with affection and with the best of intentions, quite apart from any personal interest or political ideology. My words are not those of a foe or an opponent. I am interested only in helping those who are in thrall to an individualistic, indifferent and self-centered mentality to be freed from those unworthy chains and to attain a way of living and thinking which is more humane, noble and fruitful, and which will bring dignity to their presence on this earth.

Jesus, the evangelizer par excellence and the Gospel in person, identifies especially with the little ones (cf. Mt 25:40). This reminds us Christians that we are called to care for the vulnerable of the earth. But the current model, with
its emphasis on success and self-reliance, does not appear to favor an investment in efforts to help the slow, the weak or the less talented to find opportunities in life.

Maybe our economic and political policies need an earthquake to shake us up to think of the common good - those who make the policies need to remember that cooperation and compromise are two words they need to put into their lives plus compassion!

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