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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Joy of Remembering

As one becomes older, one of the joys of life is all the very good memories we have and can recall. I seem to find joy in the people I have lived with - many from other countries and cultures but all have given me so many beautiful memories. This picture reminds me of weekly visits to the beach in Renaca, Chile, with one of my community to pray and share our week. We were trying to develop a contemplative outlook on whatever was happening in our lives.

Perhaps Jesus, during this time after Easter, relived some of the good memories of His life with Mary and Joseph, with His closest friends, the times He could relax and enjoy a good meal with others, etc.

There is a prayer of memories and it is useful. Perhaps my gratitude journal is also recalling some of the best moments of my life and giving me renewed joy as well as gratitude.

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