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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jesus walks with us

One of my favorite apparitions is that of the two disciples who have left Jerusalem discouraged and disappointed because they had believed that Jesus would save them and instead they had to accept the fact that Jesus was dead, crucified and buried. They leave for home but are talking about the sadness in their hearts when someone (they do not know it is Jesus), joins them on the road and asks them what they are talking about as they walk. They tell him how they are feeling so low and disheartened because of the death of Jesus. They do not know that Jesus has risen and is even now walking with them. They are just really down and depressed!

I go back to this apparition often because I believe that we are so insensitive to the Presence of Jesus in our own lives. We do not recognize Him and we certainly give in to discouragement too easily. Jesus comes to us disguised; He is in the person who smiles at you as they wait for a parking place, or the person who brings us our mail with such care and concern, or the grocery clerk who helps you bag the food, etc. Let Him walk with us. More on this tomorrow!

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