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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Praying for others

Sometimes my list of people I have promised to pray for grows so long that I am afraid I just say to God, "For all those I have promised to pray for and for all those who need my prayer today, Lord, take care of them all." He knows and I think this is good, but I also take time to recite a list as I walk or after Mass when I go use an exercise machine. Then my list seems short and I end up praying for all the countries in the world. Right now, I am praying much for our General Chapter and for the 75 who will be making decisions for the future of the Society of the Sacred Heart and also electing a new Mother General. It is an important time for us and I am glad to be going into retreat next Tuesday, July 19, to have more time for prayer. I also ask your prayers for me. I will be going to my favorite place, Villa Maria del Mar, on the ocean in Santa Cruz. It is a contemplative retreat and will have morning prayer and then an optional sharing in the evening. I am looking forward to it. And I shall pray for all of my blog readers!

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