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Friday, July 15, 2016

View from my window

I have such a wonderful view from my window and I just love to watch. The birds come to drink and bathe in the fountain, there are flowers all around, and the redwoods give shade to the left side.
I thank God for the beauty here each day and next week I shall be at Villa Maria del Mar making my retreat. Therefore, I think it is time that I take a vacation from the blog for the next two weeks. There is so much on our Province webpage now that there is a link to our international website that has news each day of our General Chapter with pictures. There is also a link to our International Society website on the right side of this blog. Just click on it and then click on General Chapter 2016. I suspect you will have plenty to reflect upon without by writing each day. I also suggest you look at the Concord Pastor's Blog which is posted daily and has a link on the right side of my blog. In the meantime, please pray for my retreat which begins on Tuesday and ends on Tuesday, July 26.

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