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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Eve of the Epiphany


The three wisemen followed the star. Imagine what that meant for each of them. They left their homes and families and all that was familiar. They set out to follow a star and had no idea where the star would lead them. However, they believed that this star marked the birth of a new King and they came to do homage and brought gifts with them. Were these three friends before following the star? Did they even come from the same country? We know little about them, but we can imagine that all three were seeking to follow the star because they were open to the inspiration that called them to let go of all their daily cares and occupations and follow this new star that was to lead them to a newborn king. 

Sometimes was have an inspiration in prayer or even out of prayer. It seems to come from the Holy Spirit, but we are free to act on it or to continue with our own daily routine. How often do I find myself ignoring the suggestions that come to go do something. I am afraid that I do not have the spirit of the magi who were willing to leave all and follow the star. I can think of many excuses, and do, and then the opportunity to help someone passes. I need to pray to be open and flexible and not to fear but have the courage to follow the inspiration that is like a star in the sky.

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