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Monday, January 2, 2023

Monday of the first week of the new year

 Since I now live in California, I am happy I do not need to drive in the snow. Snow is beautiful, but can also be deadly and the north and midwest certainly have had a recent experience of how disastrous a blizzard can be! 

We have had quite a bit of rain and needed it badly. Now I am thinking of the children returning to school this week. Our schedule is full of new activities for the new year. Now, I am writing this tonight after spending New Year's Day with Our Lady. I am asking her to take care of all of us in this new year and to give me something spiritual to say tonight. I can only think of the homily this morning and the advice to be friends with Jesus, Mary, and all those we live with and see each day. Friendship is a gift and we need to cultivate it. I love Pope Francis' idea of the culture of the encounter and we are to cultivate it. It is one of my goals as I renew the same six that I have had for several years now. I just need to live them!

Remember, if you made a new year's resolution and break it, it means you need it and it is a good one so take courage and do not give up!

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