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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Jesus continues to call us today

 Jesus calls Andrew and Peter to follow Him. He has met Andrew and John when they followed Him and wanted to know where he lived, He just told them to come and see and they went and spent the rest of the day with Jesus. Afterwards Andrew told Peter about Jesus and surely John told his brother, James, of the hours spent with Jesus. They were ready to leave all and follow Jesus. Then Jesus calls Philip and Philip found Nathanael and so Jesus began to select the twelve that would follow Him and learn from Him. It seems strange to be thinking of Jesus as a grown man when I am still contemplating Him as a helpless infant in need of everything. 

Jesus is still calling others to follow Him. His call is not just to leave all and go away with Him, but it is a vocation for life. How is Jesus calling each of us today? What is He asking of us? Are we listening?

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