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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The Holy Family

 Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are a holy family; they are also the first Christian refugees. They had to flee their own country because of the threat of violence. Joseph was warned in a dream. The boy babies that Herod ordered killed were torn from their parents and became the "Holy Innocents" but imagine what their parents were feeling at the loss of their infant sons. 

Why did Joseph act on what was told him in a dream? He was a man of faith and obeyed without questioning. He took Mary and Jesus and fled into Egypt. It was a long and arduous journey with an infant. He had to travel light and must have had many unsettling thoughts about what was going to happen to them when they arrived in Egypt. He did not know the language and how would he find work to support his family? Let us try to imagine what that time in Egypt must have been for Mary and Joseph.

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