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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Jesus came as a vulnerable, helpless infant

 I love to think of Mary and Joseph with their newborn child. They were there for him at every moment and Jesus changed their lives. He seems such a helpless infant in need of everything. He cries when he is hungry or wants attention just as all babies do. He cannot even turn over by himself so must rely on his parents for everything! He is so vulnerable and will spend years learning to walk, talk, and then grow to be able to care for himself. Yet, we celebrate Jesus' infancy to realize how great the love of God is that the Trinity sent the Second Person to become incarnate and walk among us to show us how much God loves us. Let us be filled with gratitude!

One of my joys in this New Year comes from a note one of my male students of four years ago just wrote to me. He will be graduating from college this year and told me that my suggesting that he keep a gratitude log has been a tremendous help to him all four years. I do think that if we concentrate on all we are grateful for each day, we will be happy and make friends and overcome all obstacles. I just want others to try keeping a gratitude log and see the difference it makes in their lives.

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