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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Yesterday I received a new book that I had ordered by Robert Furey. It is The Art of Affirmation, published by Paulist Press, 2007. It is a small book but a helpful one as we all need affirmation. How to learn the art of giving it is the core of this book. All of us have special gifts and it is nice to have someone point them out to us or recognize what we have to give others. Learning how to discover and then affirm others in their gifts seems to be a call for me now as I prepare for Lent. I was once told as a young nun to make a list of my gifts and keep it and read it often. Unfortunately I seem to have lost the list but it is good to reflect sometimes on the gifts others see in us and talk to Jesus about the gifts He has given each of us and perhaps is calling us to develop during Lent.
Learning to affirm others is a gift to be used. Affirmation helps all of us grow so let us try to be generous in giving it. It is an art to be practiced, but also needs prayer so that we really discover the gifts of others.

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