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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mardi Gras

Today many are celebrating the last day before Lent. I suspect that it is a good sign for they are feasting today and will be fasting tomorrow. They may also be preparing themselves for forty days that are a real preparation time. We contemplate the great love Jesus has for us during Lent.. It is not easy to be with Him in His suffering and death. He is still suffering in His mystical body in all parts of the world. He is there with those who suffer hunger and thirst; He is there with all those who are ill and in prison; He is there with those who are wounded and with the dying. He is there with those who have lost loved ones.

We are called again this Lent to be aware of and part of the suffering of our world. When we enter into the suffering of the Heart of Jesus, we embrace the pain of the world.

We are called to take His love to all. I find it helps me to hold a small, glass globe and trace the continents, praying for each. It is a small gesture but has expanded my heart to include the whole world.

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