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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

I arrived in Chile on Valentine's Day straight from my final profession in Rome in 1960. During the next twenty years in Chile, this was a special anniversary. I fell in love with this gorgeous country and its friendly people. We need days to celebrate the love in our hearts. We do this is many ways. On Valentine's Day, we do it with hearts - red paper hearts, candy hearts, silver and even diamond hearts. Why? Because a heart is a primordial symbol of love. Draw a heart and pierce it with an arrow and we are expressing love that is either united to another heart or suffering from love.
The Heart of Jesus was pierced with a lance. His Heart is always open for us. His love is infinite and embraces each of us. He pours out His love for us, but are we even aware of this constant, unconditional love? He wants love for Love is not loved. Each of us has been created as an unique individual; no one else can return the love that is in my heart for Jesus.

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