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Friday, January 2, 2009

Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen

Basil and Gregory Nazianzen are two of the four great doctors of the Eastern Church. They were great friends and both ended up being Bishops, but reluctant ones. Basil wanted to be a hermit but so many joined him that he wrote a Rule that is still used by monks today and influenced both eastern and western monasticism.

Here is my quote for the day: "May peace be your gift to all who come near or depend on you . . . May God's presence be ever your living joy; with that in your soul you can meet anything and each trial will be a small treasure to offer Him in the secret of the sanctuary." Janet Erskine Stuart

I am driving to Gainesville today for three days of prayer and visits with my spiritual director - a great way to begin the New Year! I will not be on the computer again until January 6 but wish you all a great feast of the Epiphany this Sunday and tomorrow is the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus.

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