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Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Season still

I find myself wanting to hold on to the Christmas season; we used to celebrate the birth of Jesus until the Feast of the Purification, February 2; one year we even left our tree up until then which was not to be repeated in our warm climate. However, I did find the O Antiphons I wrote last year and think I probably did not have the humility to share them with anyone, but will start putting some on now to maybe inspire you to write your own or at least keep the Christmas spirit.

"O Come, O come Emmanual!
Wake my weary heart that slumbers still;
So sluggish to your daily presence.
Come this season to transform my will!

O Come, O come tiny Infant dear!
Attract me to your crib by helplessness;
My heart and arms reach out to hold you
As you fill me with your tenderness.

O Come, O come ever Faithful One!
Call me back to fervor everyday
That I may truly live for you alone,
Who for love left your heavenly home.

O Come, O come Shepherd of us all
Who knows each sheep deeply and by name
We follow joyfully when You call
You come to seek us when strayed or lame.

O Come, O come most Merciful One!
Forgive our world so fraught with sin
Bring your Peace to our suffering world.
Lord, do not delay, Come, take us in.

Come, O come Prince of Peace
Who rule the nations from afar;
Forgive our fighting wars without cease,
Come to teach us peaceful harmony.

Come, o come my heart's desire!
clear the clutter to make some space,
Take up your abode and flame the fire;
Give us light until we see your face.

O come, O come my Beloved dear
Come penetrate my heart,
Come to stay and not depart.
Come, Lord, do not delay!

I wrote these in Advent of 2007 but think they are still valid "O Antiphons" for this Christmas season!


Unknown said...

You have received a Lemonaid Blog Award for your fantastic blog.

Helen said...

Dear Alex,
Thank you for the Lemonaid Blog Award and your kind words. I must soon begin to add a link for your blog and for others, too. Helen