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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Book of Hours

Thomas Merton's A Book of Hours was published by Sorin Books in 2007 and sat on my bookshelf until it was mentioned by my retreat director this summer. I came home, found the book in pristine condition and started using it. It was edited by Kathleen Deignan but the words are all Merton's and he has some phrases that one wants to linger over. It is a book that can be dipped into at different times of the day as it is divided into the seven days of the week with each day having its own section for dawn, day, dusk and dark.
I will share here two quotes that I copied in my journal from the book:
"Be content, be content.
We are the Body of Christ.
We have found Him, He has found us.
We are in Him, He in us.
There is nothing further to look for, except the deepening of this life we already possess.
Be content."

"No matter how simple discourse may be, it is never simple enough.
No matter how simple thought may be, it is never simple enough.
No matter how simple love may be, it is never simple enough.
The only thing left is the simplicity of the soul in God, or better, the simplicity of God."

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