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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Books and our Inward Journey

Books have always led me down a path of interior life; sometimes this is just day dreaming, but most spiritual books have led me to reflect on God's love and His constant presence and action in my life and the lives of others. I promised to share some of my thoughts from the books I listed on October 1. Today I realize that I need to give this more thought. In the meantime, let us all reflect on what a gift a book is and what a wonderful invention that first made the oral word into writing; then, after years of developing written communication and ways to store the writings, we came to the printing press! Now we have billions of books, libraries, e-books, and we read on Nooks and Kindles. Still, the power of the written word reaches us in newspapers, magazines, brochures, letters, ads, and signs. Let us spend time today recalling favorite books that have led us deeper inside ourselves or books that have opened new horizons for us. We all have favorite books we love to reread. Above all, let us be grateful for the great gift of books!

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