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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Today is important because it is the eve of All Saint' Day. It is also one of the favorite days for children as it comes at a special moment when there are no other fun days and children love the idea of dressing up and having a party or going out for tricks and treats. I remember the best time I enjoyed a costume party was when four of us decided to be the "Dead End Kids" when I was in about the fifth grade (my memory is fussy on this but we must have seen the movie and decided to go to the party at school dressed as these kids with old blue jeans and patches sewed on our shirts). I think I was a tomboy anyway, but this was a really comfortable costume that made me feel free to be myself. It is funny what we remember. When I was in seventh grade, my mother went all out to give me a great Halloween party for my classmates. I think she enjoyed planning it, too, but it was such fun and one of the best parties given when I was in grade school.

Well, let us use this eve of All Saints to remember all who have gone before us and who are still watching over us from Heaven. I need to begin today to recall the huge number of saints that I have known plus many of my favorite canonized saints!

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