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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another rainy day! Miami grass grows so fast with all the rain and I think it has begun early this year, but we need it. It usually rains a good deal in June, but only in the afternoon or evening and often it is just a cloudburst and the sun dries everything within an hour! I like the rain when I can stay home. However, ours is a gentle rain today and will not bother me.

I am reading Michael Crosby's new book and feel quite contemplative today. The third part of his book has seven chapters - I am now trying to remember them from memory as they are seven sacramentals and each begins with a "c" - The cosmic way, the Christic way, the way of consciousness, the way of connectedness, the contemplative way, the compassionate way and the way of community. I am proud of myself for remembering all seven! I just put them out there for you to reflect upon today.

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