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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fear of the Lord

When we drew the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I drew "Fear of the Lord" and immediately recalled that this means to trust the Lord and not rely on self. I forget where I learned that bit of information, but I really like it - it is also a desire to please the Lord that comes not from what we think of "fear" but reverence and respect. I guess I will need to reflect more on this gift. Joy is the fruit I am trying to cultivate as I think the Lord has given me something of His Joy and wants me to communicate it to others.
My reflections are brief but better to put something on this blog for you to look at and then you can do your own reflection. I think sometimes just to sit in silence with the picture is a daily help to a more contemplative life.
I must add that I am still going back in my prayer journal and listing all the big things in my life that I am most grateful for and I am reaching the early 1980s now and have over 54 big things to thank for so I will surely have 100 or more by the time I get up to this year. I will be 81 on Thursday and that means I have many graces to thank for in my happy life.

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