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Friday, May 4, 2012

Desires are a Gift from God

When we desire God, our desires are really coming from God and are a great gift that calls forth our gratitude. Here is another quote from Mother Stuart that I like:

"God hears our unuttered desires and as they are satisfied they grow...The more we desire and attain the more we shall desire, and the more attain....That is why our life is so immense.

I am still struggling with the new format for the blog; I find it a bit complicated compared to the old, but it seems to allow for many changes. I just need to figure them all out! Please be patient and do let me know if you prefer the large print or this print. I can only change to large, or largest or small and smallest. So today I am using "normal" but think large might be better. I await my readers comments on this!

1 comment:

Blessed by God - the Best of all Worlds said...

Helen, Thank you for quoting from mother Stuart. Her words are always so apt for the needs of my soul!
RE the typeface, the normal works for me but perhaps you might want to use large, depending on the visual acuity of the majority of your readers.
Take care.
Love and peace,
Cape Cod Cathy