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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Celebrating 55 Years since Final Profession

On February 8 I will be 55 years professed in the Society of the Sacred Heart and I am so grateful for all these years serving the Society in Chile, Peru, and the United States. I made my final profession in Rome in 1960 with 44 others from all over the world. Many have gone to God now, but some of us are still serving in many different ministries. As I went straight to Chile without knowing any Spanish and was in charge immediately of the Middle school, my first year was difficult but Jesus and Mary were with me  and I survived. I was twenty years out of the United States and consider those years as pure gift. Coming home to be near my parents while studying for my doctorate in historical theology was also a great gift. Then came my ministry at St. Thomas University in Miami for twenty-five years. All has been grace and I am so grateful! 

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