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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday, Always a Special Day

Why was Sunday always a special day? It was and is the Lord's Day! It was just special. My Dad would make breakfast and no one makes biscuits the way my dad did, although my brother, John, comes close. My Dad also had a special recipe for single Pyrex dishes to be baked with a piece of bacon around the inside of the dish with an egg in the middle. He made pancakes crepe-Suzette's , and shortcake with variations to his same recipe. He was a good cook, but the kitchen was a mess as he cooked but did not clean up.
After Mass, before my brothers were born, we would often drive downtown to window shop; stores were not open at that time on Sunday. Every Sunday evening was spent at my grandmother's big home where her six children gathered round on Sunday's. My Dad was the oldest and the only boy. It was usually quite a crowd as friends were also welcomed. After dinner a card game would start and my sister and I would be put to bed upstairs until time to go home.
I think Sunday was special for me as a child because we did things as a family. My Dad would read us the Sunday comic strips even before breakfast. I have been finding Sundays difficult in isolation, not just because I could not go to Mass, but I missed community. We are usually all home and we have a restful Sunday together with community prayer at 6:00 in the evening. Here at Oakwood they have a Holy Hour in the afternoon and I am now able to be there with the community. I do not know why I am writing all of this, but I am grateful for the things that made Sunday's special.

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