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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Funerals at Oakwood

Our Eldercare Community, Oakwood, is very special. I came here November 5th to recuperate from being at death 's door in September and have spent four months now, most of it in isolation. Two of the Religious here have died since I came and onewho lived in San Diego, will have her funeral here today. What is so special about funerals here?
I shall try to describe the last one I attended. Two long tables in the hall display the pictures and loved objects, photos, and other memorbilia that the Religious has kept through the years. The container with the ashes is placed in front of the altar with lovely, flowing material decorating it and flowers beautifully arranged around it. Then we have the funeral Mass, procession to the cemetery, and burial. The singing is devotional and uplifting. Friends are invited to come forward to cast a small shovel of dirt to fill the grave. Then we return to the "Gathering Room" to share memories of the deceased. At noon there is a lovely luncheon with all the guests invited. There is real joy in sending a Religious to God for all eternity!

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