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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Today is my sisters birthday!

My sister is persuasive but this year I resisted the invitation to fly to Scottsdale with my nephew to help her celebrate her birthday. She has her husband, her children, my brother and many others. As I am the oldest in our family, I remember waiting for the baby and hoping it would be a black baby. My Dad said "No" to that so I held out for a puppy and actually got both a baby sister and a puppy. 

I am still "recuperating" at Oakwood, but hope to rejoin my community soon. Lent is such a special season and I am spoiled by the great liturgies here, the holy hours, afternoon prayer in the lovely Chapel, etc., but I miss my community in Miami. In fact, one of the many graces of my time in isolation for months is my love for community -the chapter of 2008 said that we are called to follow Jesus in community. "Deeply rooted in our relationship with Jesus, we reaffirm that life in community is a fundamental expression of our spirituality." I miss the members of my community and our sharing over dinner each night. Anyway, I know that I need community and being away from mine has made me aware of how important community is to me.

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