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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Prayer to Our Lady

My community sent me a beautiful card that I suspect was given out at the wake of the mother of one of our Religious in the Miami area. There is a picture of her mother on the cover and inside a large picture of Mater on one side and a prayer to Our Lady on the other. It is long for me to copy on this I-pad, but I have grown to love this prayer so will summerize the first part and copy the rest. It begins "OWonderful Mother, the road of our life is hard at times. It is not easy to...(you can fill in the things that are not easy for you). But You, O Admirable Mother, You make everything easy.. .

O Mary, may your example be my strength. Make everything easy in my life, not by taking trouble away, but by giving me love, a love always greater than the trouble.

O Mother most gentle, make my heart very strong; and if you see that my love is getting exhausted too soon, I implore you to give 
your child some of your love and teach her again the lesson of true 

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