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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mother of God Rejoicing

When looking through the book of icons of Mary mother of God, I realized that McNichols does not depict Mary smiling. However, one icon has te Infant Jesus patting his mother's cheek and the title is "Mother of God Rejoicing"! Here is the reflection by Mirabai Starr:
Mother of God, rejoice with me.
In the midst of the petty trials and the profound sorrows of this life,
Let me catch a glimpse of your face nd dissolve into laughter.
You who "come across the waters,"
Float through the rushing streams of my preoccupations and set my heart free."

There is more but I need to stop now. I do hope to be able to go home to my community in Miami soon and then write on a computer as my I-pad does not let me do all I want and is too slow.

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