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Friday, January 23, 2015

We are a unique manifestation of the Divine.

In Philip Newell's "The Rebirthing of God", he tells us that ,Gerry Hughes, a Scottish Jesuit, liked to introduce himself by saying, " Hello. I'm Gerry, a unique manifestation of the Divine."
Each of us is a  unique manifestation of the Divine. Do I really believe this? How do I discover the Divine in others? Even more important, how do I realize that I am a unique manifestation of God?

God lives in me.     What a mystery!

I have been praying over our Constitutions. Number 21, which falls under the section on prayer, says:
"The Spirit dwelling within us gradually transforms us through His power to remove whatever hinders His action.
The spirit unites and conforms us to Jesus and makes us sensitive to His presence within ourselves, in
others and in all that happens. Thu we learn to contemplate reality and to experience it with His
Heart, to commit ourselves to the service of the Kingdom and to grow in love."
Come, Holy Spirit...

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